Rainwater is high in minerals that can damage your AeroGarden

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Why is Rainwater not suitable for my AeroGarden? Rain falls from the sky, and it’s free if you collect it in containers, rain tanks, or other devices, including dams. When it rains, you can hear it fall on the roof, down the gutters, into the pipes and carried away to where your council says it must go.

Water is precious in the country, and you have to collect Rainwater in large rain tanks or some other water holding device.

When it rains, the water is in its natural state and free from additives. Do plants grow better without Rainwater? Why are the nutrients in the Rainwater not suitable for AeroGarden systems? Why are the nutrients in Rainwater not right for my AeroGarden systems? Why do plants look so healthy after it rains? If Rainwater is the best type of water for our plants in the garden; Why are we advised not to use it for indoor AeroGardens?  And is it possible to treat Rainwater before using it in our AeroGardens?

Do plants grow any better without Rainwater?

Plants can thrive just as well without Rainwater, but they need a helping hand with added nutrients, such as a liquid fertiliser, like AeroGrow, that has Nitrogen added which is essential for plant growth.

Why are the nutrients in the Rainwater not suitable for my AeroGarden systems?

Rainwater contains lots of minerals, mainly Nitrogen. It is one of the primary critical elements for macro-nutrients for plants to survive and grow. It is essential for beautiful green foliage that looks clean and lush.

Why do plants look healthier after rain?

Plants in the garden always look so much better after a storm. Rain is absorbed through the leaves and roots of plants. The amount of Nitrogen in the rain varies from place to place. Once rain falls to the ground, ammonium and nitrate forms and is taken up by the plants, Nitrogen is transformed further by bacteria and fungi into nitrification.

Nutritional value of Rainwater 

The best type of water you can provide your plants is Rainwater because it has beneficial nutrients that plants need to survive. It contains Nitrogen, Nitrate, Ammonium and Oxygen. When it rains, Carbon Dioxide combined with minerals in the soil and releases micronutrients:

  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Iron

These nutrients also release other nutrients in the soil that help our plants absorb essential micronutrients essential for healthy-looking plants. Using Rainwater has advantages and disadvantages:


  • clean
  • Free 
  • soft
  • It’s organic, no added chemicals
  • It’s the natural water
  • Free of additives and preservatives
  • Helps to release minerals in the soil
  • Contains nitrate
  • Contains more oxygen


Rainwater is clean, free, fresh and clear; however it can be polluted from:

  • Certain regions where there is heavy pollution in the air which can cause acid rain
  • Roofs on houses or buildings may contain lead or asbestos
  • bird droppings, mosquito larva, possum faeces, leaf litter, dust or any other pollutant matter is flowing into our tanks.

How can we treat Rainwater for our AeroGardens?

When water flows into the rain tanks, it will carry lots of unwanted matter. The best way to deal with this is to use gutter guards to stop leaf debris from getting washed down the pipes and into your tanks.

Using a rainwater infiltration system:

  • kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • kills bugs
  • remove heavy metals
  • remove dirt and sediments

Cleaning rainwater will depend on the number of microns used in your water filter system.

A much cheaper alternative is to boil Rainwater. When you heat Rainwater, you will often see brown markings at the bottom of your kettle. Deposits such as these are easily removed with a kettle cleaner.

Boiling water will kill any bacteria and removes the nitrates. You are making it safe to use in your AeroGarden.

In my opinion

We all don’t have time to boil water, so a water infiltration system is ideal.

I often save the water from my kettle and let it cool before adding it to my AeroGarden. I usually keep an eye on the water pump to make sure the pump’s filter remains clean.

If you want to store boiled Rainwater, you can use recycled water bottles to keep your water. Once you have filled your bottles, please keep them in a cool dark place away from sunlight.  Using recycled bottles for your water is a beautiful way of helping the environment.

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2 thoughts on “Rainwater is high in minerals that can damage your AeroGarden

  1. Mick says:

    Hey Yvonne, I can honestly say that I have never heard the term “aerogarden”. Strange really as we grew herbs.

    There is one thing we in the UK are not short of and that’s rain. We get in bucket loads!

    Interior plants are delicate and probably wouldn’t last long with rainwater and as you have mentioned, the number of toxins that are present in the air.

    Thank you for sharing and pointing out what aerogardens are.

    • Yvonne says:

      Hi, Mick sorry for taking so long to reply. Mobile phones are mucking up due to many changes in the area. The technicians are working in our area all of this week.

      Thank you for your reply. As you live in England, Aerogardens are ideal indoors for growing herbs, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. Rainwater can be filtered to remove toxins, and we do it all the time because bore water is horrible, especially when you want a cup of tea. All the best.

      Thank you for responding.

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