Plants you can grow in an AeroGarden

Herbs growing in the AeroGarden Dill, Parsley, Basil, Thai Basil, & Mint

Plants you can grow in an AeroGarden. I often read comments in the reviews asking the question What type of plants can I grow in my AeroGarden, or What plants grow well in an AeroGarden?

Many say Lettuce and Basil are the easiest to grow, and they are the best.

Did you know that plants grown in an AeroGarden in water and nutrients are higher in minerals and vitamins? Growing your plants at home in an AeroGarden is easy to do, and it is a healthier alternative to commercially grown produce. Growing them in water dirt-free makes them more nutritious.

Homegrown produce nourishes our bodies and provides high nutrients that we need to function and support good health.

Growing plants at home is easy to do and is a much healthier alternative than cultivating them in the dirt. Homegrown produce nourishes our bodies and provides higher nutrients that support our health.

Below is a compiled a list of plants that can be grown successfully in your AeroGarden. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment. There may be some plants not listed here that you could try yourselves. If so, please add some to the comments below would be lovely.

Grow anything

Grow anything kits are a great way to experiment with a range of plants for your AeroGarden.  Some plants may be too big, but they can still be grown and transferred to a pot outside or put in your vegetable patch. There is more variety, Easy to maintain, add a lovely touch of lush green growth. The downside is labelling may have to be trimmed because the dome may not fit over the seed pod properly. The kit can be expensive. 


Grow your tomatoes indoors that are non-hybrid and non-GMO Seeds! There is a range of varieties out there. But to grow them in an AeroGarden they need to be small cherry-sized tomatoes unless you have an AeroGarden farm unit that can take larger plants; otherwise, they will struggle with the tomato’s weight if you are growing a standard size plant.

Growing tomatoes all year round, even in winter seem impossible, but it’s not. You would need to check at your nearest stockist to find which plants are ideal for growing indoors in your AeroGarden unit or you can check out Amazon and their heirloom tomatoes, that are non-GMO Seeds as a much healthier alternative to commercially grown produce. Choose the smallest plant seeds. Tomatoes grown in water are full of flavour, produce lots of tomatoes

Varieties of tomatoes that are suitable for growing in your AeroGarden full of flavour produce lots of tomatoes for up to six months and are ideal for children’s lunch boxes or salads.

Red HeirloomMight Mini Cherry TomatiesTiny Tim
Orange Hat TomatoesGolden Cherry Heirloom TomatoesMicro-Tom Tomatoes
Green Greape Organic TomatoesYellow pear tomatoGreen Zebra
Principe BorheseWild Sweetie

Best Flowers for an Aerogarden

A range of flowers can be grown indoors with bright colours to cheer up your home in the middle of winter and are purchased as Seed Pod kits. The benefits of growing flowers indoors include colour, natural, fast growth rate, have their own formula. Flowering can last longer than stated on the label. Some seeds could take longer to sprout as stated on the pod.

PansiesWildflowersMountain Meadow
Rainbow fire celosia
Range of Flowers

Pansies provide a variety of colours, but you will need to purchase them as seeds from your nearest garden centre and place them in your seed pods.

Wild Flowers can be purchased at some specialist places such as the Diggers Club in South Australia. Depending on the counties and states you will need to check to see availability for your area.

Mountain Meadow flowers are purchased online in Seed Pod kits.

Petunias are a trendy plant that is often seen planted in hanging baskets and hung at the entrance as décor to homes, hotels, and pubs to name a few places. They can be grown in your AeroGarden all year round or transplanted in spring as the weather warms up. They are known to provide lots of positive energy and can be bought as a Seed Pod.

Rainbow fire celosia, this plant may have to be transplanted to pots as they grow very tall. They can be purchased in seed pod kits and have no perfume. Your flowers will bloom for up to 7 months; for some, it could be longer. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other varieties of flowers.

Best Vegetables for your AeroGarden

Mini PeppersHungarian Sweet PeppersTom Thumb Peas
Bok ChoyCelerySpinach
Range of Vegetables

Best Salad Leaves for the AeroGarden

Salad Leaves have a great growth rate, easy to care for, guaranteed seed germination, high-quality seeds, NON-GMO, comes with its own patented unique nutrient formula. Ideal for growing in all AeroGarden systems. Sometimes, the seed pods’ labels need to be cut to size so the dome can cover the pod.

Salad GreensRomaine MixCos Lettuce
MustardCollardsBeets Greens
Range of Salad leaves

Best Herbs for an AeroGarden

The great thing about herbs is they don’t require any chemicals but they do contain high-level priority optimum growth rate, soil-free seeds, natural, non-GMO. Some seeds have a low germination rate.

ThymeCurly ParsleyDill
MintCilantroThai Basil
Genovese BasilChivesMarjoram
Range of Herbs

International Range

Gourmet HerbsTuscan Italian HerbsSouth of the Border Herbs
Pesto BasilInternational herbs kitsCustomer herb kits




The type of plants you can grow in an AeroGarden is an overview of the best plants. The possibilities are endless if you wish to experiment with various plants, including salad greens, tomatoes, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

You have considered growing plants in your aero garden, don’t forget to let the unit do all the work. All you have to do is add water and nutrients that your plants require for healthy growth; check your flowers daily and remove dead flowers, rotten leaves, as soon as possible and do some light pruning, will help to keep your plants in an excellent compact shape.

If the dead parts of plants are not removed, there is a possibility of bacteria or parasite spread onto the other, healthy plants.

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If you are an AeroGarden lover or would like to become one, I would love to hear your feedback on the systems, plants you have grown or issues you have faced and success stories.


8 thoughts on “Plants you can grow in an AeroGarden

  1. Rose says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    I am interested in planting herbs.

    The problem is I do not have enough space and sunlight.

    And how do keep them still?

    Are they the same with the plants being put in bottles with water and fastened by a soft styrofoam to protect from mosquito egg nesting?

    • Yvonne says:

      Hi Rose
      Sorry for taking so long to reply I had some technical issue which needed to be resolved.

      Thank you for your response.

      I am so happy you want to plant herbs but I am curious about what you mean by “how to keep them still?”

      AeroGardening project at the moment is growing herbs indoors using an AeroGarden. You can either purchase a unit purchased from AeroGarden or Amazon. If you are referring to a homemade system there are different ways to make your own AeroGarden. I will be writing about this topic in the near future.

      I wait for your reply.

  2. Jade says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    Wow, this is so interesting! I think I’ve heard of aero-gardening before, but I didn’t know anything about it. I have stuck with traditional potted plants so far, but I have been wanting to grow more herbs and veggies. The problem I’ve been running into is that my cats love digging in my plants, and it’s really hard to keep them out of them. Maybe aero gardening would be the perfect solution! I feel like I could get started with all of the info you’ve provided here.

    Thanks for this great article!

    • Yvonne says:

      That’s really wonderful Jade. Aero gardening using an AeroGarden is very interesting. Did you get to have a look at the project? I’m growing some herbs that I got in the kit and some are doing great and a couple is very slow.

  3. Jason says:

    Another informative post Yvonne – thanks for sharing.

    I’m quite keen to get my kids into vege and herb gardening so this seems like a nice manageable way to go about it. Are there any vegetables in particular that you think make sense to start them off? I ask as I want it to be their responsibility and at the same time actually have them enjoy eating them.

    Thanks – Jason.

    • Yvonne says:

      Hi Jason
      You could start off with lettuces. They are the easiest to grow for children and having the pleasure of eating them in their sandwiches, they can have fun with the colours of green and red. Not many children like herbs unless they like to cook with them. The activity would be measuring the plants as they get bigger. I wish them success.

  4. Aparna Bansal says:

    I would love to build my own aerogarden Yvonne and I wish to know what you think about the idea. I mean, why pay a huge sum for an AeroGarden kit when we can possibly make one ourselves. Or can’t we?

    • Yvonne says:

      Hello Aparna
      This is the area I have been thinking about doing and researching ideas on how to do one. I will put my findings in another blog. Yes, it can be done. Thank you for stopping by.

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