What Everyone Ought To Know About Springwater and AeroGarden.

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Water is an essential ingredient for plant life. However, we often wonder which water is the best for our plants and if you have an AeroGarden or are considering buying one for our indoor plants. What everyone ought to know about Springwater and my AeroGarden is explained right here.

Can I use bottled spring water in my aerogarden?

The answer is YES! Using bottled spring water for your AeroGarden can provide your plants with the best option as some waters contain high quantities of minerals and chemicals that will hurt your indoor plants and damage your unit.

Spring bottled water may have come from many sources: well, natural spring, river or underground, and not been purified or treated with chemicals. 

Instead, when it rains, the water flows naturally through dirt and rocks absorbing the natural minerals along the way. Hopefully, the land is not contaminated.

So, why are we advised not to use bottled spring water in an AeroGarden?

Bottled spring water contains minerals and may contain bacteria that could upset your AeroGarden and your plants’ balance. 

Besides, the spring water could leave plaque deposits behind and build-up, which can cause blockages in the tubes and damage the pump.

AeroGarden’s Advice

AeroGarden says we should not use spring water because of the mineral content. When you add nutrients to your water, it can unbalance the pH level for your plants. Some plants can cope with varying pH levels, but some are also very sensitive and will be affected and may not survive.

Why is spring water, as some say, is the best for our plants and that the least beneficial to your plants is distilled water?

Benefits of using springWater

Bottled Spring Water
Bottled spring water

Springwater is the purest water that can be used compared to tap water that is treated with chemicals.

Springwater contains varying amounts of minerals, and some are beneficial to plants. Depending on where the water is bottled, it is rich in natural minerals and may have a desirable pH level.

Plants grow faster and produce better results. However, this depends on the type of bottled water you use due to the varying amounts of pH levels and mineral content.

Disadvantages of using springwater

  •       The build-up of minerals on the pump
  •       Form scale deposits from limestone or high calcium levels
  •       Corrode metal very quickly
  •       Expensive to replace pumps
  •       It could contain more mineral content
  •       Some plants may not like bottled mineral water
  •       Plants may not be as healthy due to high mineral and salt content
  •       Cause stunted growth
  •       Buying bottled spring water is expensive

What type of minerals in Bottled Water?

Bottled spring water contains minerals and traces elements such as

  •    Magnesium
  •       Calcium
  •       Sodium, essential to check sodium levels for use in your AeroGarden
  •       Potassium
  •       Levels of bicarbonates vary in spring water


Liquid plant food fertiliser provides all the nutrients for your plants and is more suited to distilled water.

What does the process of purifying your spring water do?

You can purchase purified water using treatments such as reverse osmosis or distillation. Filtering your water through an infiltration system removes bacteria and dissolved solids from the spring water.

Cleaning your AeroGarden

If you do use bottled spring water, you will need to clean your unit more often. All you need to do is use:

  •       Vinegar or bleach
  •       soak and scrub deposits off everything
  •       Run the vinegar through your AeroGarden unit for a few minutes
  •       Rinse thoroughly with clean water for a few minutes

My personal opinion

I used bottled spring water to test why AeroGarden does not recommend using bottled spring water. What did I find?  I found no serious problems, maybe because I cleaned my equipment and unit every month. Doing this process may have helped me eliminate any serious issues.

Click here to see how my project went, the herbs grew extremely well.

At the moment, I am also putting bottled spring water to the test in my new Mr Fothergill’s HydroGarden. Click here to see the results.

Click here if you would like to know what Aero Gardening is all about

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2 thoughts on “What Everyone Ought To Know About Springwater and AeroGarden.

  1. Matt Lin says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    Thanks for letting us know what SpringWater will do to AeroGarden. Based on your findings that there are no serious issues with Spring Water, people now can relieve but need to clean the equipment every month just like what you do.

    Does that mean using distilled water extends the time we clean our AeroGarden? Which is an interesting thing to know here. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Yvonne says:

      Hi Matt, thank you for your comment.
      You are right distilled water has had all the minerals taken out. You can use your own distilled water straight from the kettle. You can first fill it with tap water, rain tank water, or bore water. Boil your jug, let the water cool. Then add it to your AeroGarden unit, don’t forget to add the nutrients.

      Using distilled water does extend the time for cleaning, and it also allows you to add the nutrients safely.

      My main reason for discussing this topic is because many people live too far from a supermarket and are unable to get to town, some of us may go monthly or whenever they can to get supplies. I hope I answered your comment.

      Thanks for your comment.

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