10 Undeniable Reasons People Hate AeroGarden

Herbs growing in the AeroGarden Dill, Parsley, Basil, Thai Basil, & Mint

People hate AeroGarden. Do you have a reason for why you hate AeroGarden? Or are you just disappointed with the amount of money spent only to find the products are not what you expected because they, like any other electrical appliance, have faults, missing items or not as you expected?

There are ten undeniable reasons people hate AeroGarden. First, many of them buy AeroGardens either love them or hate them. Which one are you? When I went into Trustpilot, I found 24 reviews for this company. The number of reviews does not sound a lot, but the damage that it can do to any organisation can be devastating.

Review Chart on AeroGarden from TrustPilot showing people hate Aerogarden.
Pilot Trust Reviews on AeroGarden

My first impression was wow; when I first looked at the review, my thought on the results was enough to send anyone running for the hills. So what are these reasons why some people hate AeroGarden products?

What Are Your reasons For Hating AeroGarden

There are ten undeniable reasons why people hate AeroGarden and its products.

1. People Hate AeroGarden Customer Service

One of the most recent reviews I cited was for Oct, a customer with three pods that failed to sprout out of nine. The customer tried several times to contact them only to get the same feedback “will get back in a couple of days.” This type of message will leave any customer dissatisfied with the service, and of course, the feedback for the company will be poor.

Delivery issues are another issue for AeroGarden, where customers have had to wait for the delivery longer than anticipated. Better Business Bureau

2. People Hate AeroGarden Price of Products

Purchasing AeroGarden products is pretty expensive, especially if you have a tight budget.  And if you are an overseas buyer, like me, receiving products that are not of the standard for your country, such as Australia, the power adapter was an American power plug. For this product in Australia, I needed a power adapter to get my new harvest working. More money down the drain, and that’s before I got started growing my herbs!

Wouldn’t you think that if you are going to sell your products over the internet, globally, you would consider different power adapters for every country and provide some guidance on what to do and where to buy an adapter? My installation guide said nothing about needing the power adapter. 

Also, when I went online to check out whether Amazon, eBay and AeroGarden had information regarding the power. I could not find anything or even a warning. So, I had to wait until the next time I went to town to purchase an adapter. In the end, I finally got the unit up and running.

3. Constantly having to keep adding water

The smart AeroGardens today alert you when the water level; this is a beautiful reminder to add more water. How often depends on the growth level of your plants and the indoor temperature. If the weather is quite warm, you will probably have to water quite often.

When you get your new AeroGarden unit, you will have a set of guidelines that provide some helpful tips. One of them is about adding fresh water. Their advice is to add water often for best growth and that as your plants start growing taller, more muscular and looking relatively healthy they will absorb more water.

A final tip is to refill your bowl every month with fresh cool water every time you add your plant food. 

5. Lights are very bright 

I often see comments regarding bright lights and that they have to be constantly on for 16 hours a day, adding more cost to the electricity bill. I have an AeroGarden Harvest, and I don’t find the lights an issue, but that’s me. The Harvest sits on the kitchen bench, and when we’ve finished eating, we turn the ceiling lights off and leave the LED Lights on until they turn themselves off. We find they are not annoying at all. However, it depends on the type of system and whether you are using the old-style grow lights.

According to AeroGarden guidelines, so long as your plants are getting the recommended amount of lighting, it doesn’t matter when you turn your lights on or off.

6. People Hate AeroGarden Noisy Pump

Pumps used in the AeroGarden sound like trickle water, which is not so noticeable they need cleaning, or the water level tends to be lower than usual. Cleaning the pump is not difficult to do. I use warm water and vinegar. 

  • First turn the power off
  • Take out, very carefully the plants and sit them on top of another container so as not to damage the roots. Check the roots to ensure they are not intertwining around the pump. If so, you will need to cut away the roots from the pump. A little hair cut will not damage the plants.
  • Next empty the water container
  • Add vinegar and hot water into the receptacle
  • Reconnect the unit and turn power on and let it run for 3 minutes, stop and redo
  • Empty the container
  • Add fresh water to your unit and connect back up to power and turn on to run the unit for another 3 minutes. These steps will clean the pump and the tubes at the same time, getting rid of any build up.
  • Empty container and fill with fresh distilled water and nutrients, return your plants to the unit, turn on power and let the cycle begin.

7. Green Algae on AeroGarden

Green algae grow around the base of the planter holes, the water inlet area naturally hits the water and when you add nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and water, you will tend to see algae.

You may also get brown crusty marks around the edge where you pour water into the hole, which is normal and may come from your nutrients as water is poured it may splatter around the edges of the holes where the pods are inserted.

Don’t stress, it won’t hurt your plants, it just looks unattractive. You can easily wipe it away with a damp cloth. Another cleaning solution is to empty the water from your unit and give the unit a wash with soapy water and vinegar. Also, you can cover any unused holes with a bit of card cut into circles, placed on top of the unused holes to stop light from entering the water bowl. 

Sometimes seeds in the pods fail to germinate and what you often see in the pod is mould growing instead. AeroGarden guarantees they will replace any dud pods, all you need to do is send them proof of purchase with a little explanation of the problem.

8. Pesky little bugs attacking aero garden plants

Depending on the season, pesky little bugs enter the home and start attacking your beloved plants, this happened to me after I bought some fruit and veggies from the markets. I had tiny black flies flying around the fruit bowl that was sitting near my AeroGarden Harvest. So I turned off the power and washed everything in cold water, including the herb that I was growing, and the fruit bowl and fruit.

9. Bits and pieces missing from the kit and seeds

One customer had a pump missing from their kit, this person and email was sent with proof of purchase and received a new replacement in the mail.

There are many complaints about the seeds and their misrepresentation. One such customer had seed pods marked as Bok Choi but instead, she believed them to be Collard Greens and the Beet Greens ended up being Amaranth. The response was to contact the customer service team via email and they will send, a replacement order for a fresh Bok Choi kit.

Some customers find AeroGarden’s response is not acceptable, and the matter was taken further to the Agricultural Department. Really! Why should customers have to go to such extremes to get replacements?

What about the Guarantee and warranty issues, it’s a good idea ? It’s a photo of what you have received in your kit, more so if you find something is wrong, then you can send, to the complaints department with proof that your order arrived like this. 

10. LED Light replace difficult to replace or find

Finding an outlet to purchase replacement LED lights can prove a difficult task, especially if you live in another country. For example, a light bulb is easy to replace but integrated LED bulbs are built into the lights electrical what which means the bulbs cannot be replaced; you will be returning and replacing the whole LED.

Each country that AeroGarden deals with should have an agent that customers can contact to arrange overseas replacement lights.


There is no excuse for any business not to honour their guarantee, warranty and provision of information on their products. It’s no wonder that customers give AeroGarden a bad name; the reputation of AeroGarden is being tarnished by allegations some appear to be. Some and yet a couple appear to be scams, like the ones on Pilot Trust. So if you go to amazon and look at their reviews you will find glowing results and many happy customers.

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6 thoughts on “10 Undeniable Reasons People Hate AeroGarden

  1. Andrea says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that there were so many negative comments for the Aerogarden. I suppose that the upkeep and maintenance is difficult, but your tips on the pump will come in very handy indeed!

    • Yvonne says:

      Hello Andrea, I agree about negative comments, but when I log into Amazon, there are a lot of positives. I think it’s based on our expectations of a product, which is high. After all, we want value for money, a good product, great outcome and excellent customer service. Unfortunately, many companies have cut back on staff due to the pandemic, and many employees worked from home. Something like this can add to poor customer relations. Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.

  2. Matt Lin says:

    It’s pretty surprising to know that there are 80% of negative comments towards AeroGarden on the review site. I have followed your blog for a while now and love how convenient it is to grow veggies with AeroGarden, so other users’ feedback catches my attention.

    It seems that their customer support needs improvement and replies to all the requests faster. Except for that, I don’t see other issues. So, if people have concerns before purchasing an AeroGarden model, they should read this article and think twice. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing today.


    • Yvonne says:

      Hello Matt I totally agree. The AeroGarden is not perfect, however it’s not the unit that really is the problem but the seeds, missing parts and customer service are disappointing fir users. Thanks for your comment and for reading my posts.

  3. Haley Jones says:

    I’ve never had one, but my parents do and they hated it! I’m glad you posted an article on this point of view because I’ve only seen people rave about it but they are super expensive to end up just being disappointing. They dealt with a lot of bugs and mold with theirs even though they kept up with it. They did leave it in the living room so the light and any noise wasn’t an issue but they ended up tossing it out. I had considered getting one when I was living in an apartment but definitely decided against it after hearing their bad experience.

    • Yvonne says:

      Yes getting an Aerogarden can be disheartening, especially when it’s not what you expected from the glowing reports. For me it was the couple of seeds. For others, it is a range of different issues that purchases have had to deal with. Thank you for leaving your comment, much appreciated.

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