Take the Stress out of AeroGarden Expectations vs Reality

Herbs growing in the AeroGarden Dill, Parsley, Basil, Thai Basil, & Mint

If you are a garden lover and grow your fresh produce outdoors, you would love to start growing them indoors through the cold winter months. Well, you can, so let’s take the stress out of AeroGarden expectations vs reality.

This article will show you what you can expect from the product with all its bells and whistles to offer you the reality of what can happen that creates stress, negativity, and disappointment when using your AeroGarden for the first time.

Not sure what the AeroGarden is?

According to AeroGarden, an Aero Garden is a countertop unit or a floor unit that can grow a range of plants within your home with minimal effort from you. Your new plants will grow from a tiny seed inserted in peat held in the seed pod. Once the seed pod is inserted into the AeroGarden system, it will grow under LED grow lights. The seeds and plants obtain water and nutrients automatically aerated through the pump to the plants, without you doing anything.

Bells and Whistles of an AeroGarden unit

Depending on the type of AeroGarden you have purchased or intend to purchase, you will find some models have

  • Automatic timer for your grow light
  • A notification that prompts you when its time to add water and nutrients
  • WiFi integrations and Amazon Alexa connectivity
  • Touchscreen
  • Pure Canadian “Sphagnum Peat
  • LED Lights that use low amounts of electricity
  • Specially formulated liquid nutrients (plant food)

Your automatic timer for your light will ensure that the plants get the right amount of ambient light per day, and your unit lets you know when to add water and nutrients; it’s so easy.

There have been different kinds of AeroGardens introduced since 2002 and perfected to include modern technology.

AeroGarden Harvest
AeroGarden Harvest

So, how does Your AeroGarden Work?

Your AeroGarden works on a system of hydroponics called aeroponics. The pump in your unit aerates the water and nutrients to the roots of the plant. Soil is not required. LED Lights and aeroponics help the seeds germinate, and the plants grow much faster than in soil.

Plants and Water in Your AeroGarden

It’s so easy to assume that plants growing in an AeroGarden takes up lots of water; however, that’s not the case. According to the Smart Garden Guide, AeroGarden uses less water and fertiliser than growing your plants outside in soil. 

Various AeroGarden Models

Choosing the right AeroGarden for your needs can be challenging because there is a range of AeroGarden Models on the market for you to select from, but first, you need to assess your needs

  • What plants do you want to grow
  • Space
  • How many people reside in your home?
  • Your budget

Warranty expectations

  • 30-day return on the item to receive the total cost of the refund
  • Contact AeroGarden for authorisation
  • One-year limited Warranty for AeroGarden and LED Grow lights
  • Seed replacement free of charge for dud seeds

What the Warranty does not cover

  • Normal wear
  • Not following instructions
  • Removal or defacing serial number
  • Negligence, accident, improper use, maintenance, or storage of produce
  • Damage to product
  • Removable parts lost, damaged, or modified without authority
  • Repairs done to the product by persons not authorised

Your Expectations of AeroGarden

The positive side of your AeroGarden is the sleek finish, easy to set up your unit and start watching your seeds germinate and grow. Your system will allow you to produce anything such as flowers, salad greens, herbs, and vegetables.

  • You expect your new AeroGarden to be easy to assemble and set up
  • Ability to grow your plants all year round regardless of the climate
  • plants to grow much quicker than in the garden
  • control panel easy to use
  • sunlight is not required
  • produce your product to use in your recipes
  • plants are healthy and strong
  • seeds to germinate
  • Have a bountiful harvest
  • Fast growth and yield
  • Expect AeroGarden to honour their germination guarantee
  • Growth expectations for harvest to commence are about four weeks onwards and lasting six months or more


In reality, even though AeroGarden says you can grow anything, however plants that grow underground, such as carrots or potatoes, is not possible in your unit. In addition, growing strawberries can prove to be a challenge and requires a unique grow bowl.

If you think you will save money growing your produce in an AeroGarden, you will be disappointed with the amount of produce you will get. 

Many of us love the idea of having an AeroGarden in our kitchen but, some were not happy and dissatisfied with the results due to the failure of some seeds to germinate, plants not thriving, or something has gone mechanically wrong.

Negative Side to AeroGarden

Green Algae
Green Algae

AeroGarden can have a negative side because it is not living up to your expectations, especially when things go wrong with their plants or some other factor that has customers saying things like

  • AeroGarden units are costly
  • Uses electricity
  • Replacement Pods are expensive 
  • You need larger AeroGardens to grow more food, why not try the farm
  • Growth tends to be irregular
  • Weak growth if some plants
  • Some plants tend to struggle to thrive and get enough light
  • Some seed pods do fail
  • LED Grow Lights are very bright
  • Green algae growing
  • Seeds became mouldy
  • Defective products
  • Poor quality seeds
  • Clock not working affects the pump and light cycles
  • The pump can make noises, and if the pump is not producing bubbles, you may have a blockage in the aerator.

Which raises the question Is my AeroGarden worth it?

How much value you put on your AeroGarden depends immensely on how you plan to use it. If you buy fresh flowers, produce or herbs from the grocery store, and you would like to grow your own, then yes, it’s worth it.

I find the nutritional value, having an abundance of produce, and it looks lovely in my kitchen is more worth to me.

Best results in an Aerogarden

Dill and Herbs
Healthy herbs growing in an AeroGarden
  • Herbs
  • Salad plants
  • Grow anything except root crops such as carrots or potatoes, for example
  • Use your seeds, plant them in the peat pod


You will love having fresh produce on hand in your kitchen. Herbs, Tomatoes, lettuce or flowers As your plants grow in your AeroGarden; you will most likely need to prune them at regular intervals. 


I can honestly say from using my own AeroGarden Harvest there has been some trial and error, mainly due to my expectation of having a perfect harvest. When in reality, I had some seeds that failed to spout. Was I disappointed? Yes, most certainly. At the time, I was growing herbs. 

I must admit I expected all the seeds to sprout; after all, AeroGarden units are not cheap when you live in another country. The herbs that did succeed were beautiful, tasty and thrived for six months. The Parsley I transferred to the garden outside is one of the best healthiest looking herbs I have ever grown in the veggie patch.

Parsley growing in veggie patch

I do love my AeroGarden unit because it requires minimal effort from me.

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6 thoughts on “Take the Stress out of AeroGarden Expectations vs Reality

  1. Millie Zeiler says:

    LOL! You just had to show off that parsley, didn’t you? I love it! I also love your article because it’s teaching me more about AeroGardening. I’ve been doing more of it, thanks to the articles you’ve posted about the subject. While I appreciate a corner of my backyard becoming an explosive parsley bed (it was accidental, but I don’t mind!) it’s short-lived because I live in Saskatchewan, which doesn’t normally have long summers. I love fresh parsley! And with AeroGarden, I can grow that clean through the year.

    (Oh, and I love basil too! I have a few different varieties I have growing as I like to blen them. sometimes.)

    • Yvonne says:

      Hi Millie. I have to admit I am so proud of my parsley, 🙂 I’m happy you like my article on growing herbs in the aerogarden, and yes, parsley grows well in the aerogarden. I wish you all the best in trying out your AeroGarden.

  2. Stella says:

    Yvonne this is really a one stop post on AeroGardening!
    I have learned all that is needed.
    Living in the bush with all kinds of critters damaging the crops, this is a perfect way to create a herb garden that will last.
    Thank you!

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