AeroGarden LED Lights Are Not That Easy To Buy Off The Shelf

AeroGarden LED Grow Lights

Understanding LED Lights for AeroGardens when I first received my indoor AeroGardening system was relatively easy once I read the information leaflet that came with my AeroGarden Harvest Elite. I wanted to know more about how they work. But what I have learned is that Aerogarden LED lights are not that easy to buy off the shelf!

My unit has a built-in timer that I set to provide plants with an optimum amount of artificial sunlight. Once the AeroGarden unit is plugged into the wall, then you can press the light button and the LED lights, also known as grow lights will come on.


The leaflet contains some important information about the LED Lights optimum lighting for plants, for instance, plants need to get the right amount of light and turning LED light on or off makes no difference so long as they get the recommended light hours for optimum growth.

I noticed that the information on the AeroGarden pamphlet provides no details on how long the LED Lights last or when to replace them, and when I need to change them where do I buy replacements. Therefore, it is worth considering before purchasing a harvest garden to view the lifespan of the bulbs and where to buy replacements.

In addition, the instructions on how to replace your LED lights do not come with the replacement lights.

What is LED Light?

LED is short for Light-emitting diodes that provide a full spectrum of light designed to mimic a ray of natural light for the plants. A LED light is the complete fixture, and it can contain one or more LED bulbs that make light. There are screws under the hood, that allows the plate to be replaced. Before doing this make sure the power is unplugged from the wall.

Do LED lights use a lot of electricity?

The answer is no. LED lights have low wattage and produce low heat.

How much light do plants require?

AeroGardens come in various sizes, and they all have different rating for the LED light array. The details below were on my information leaflet for an AeroGarden Harvest Elite.

LED lights imitate light spectrum similar to that of the sun.  To have the lights come on and turn off at the same time every day, you will need to set the timer for the number of hours for your Plants. The number of optimum daylight depends on the type of plants you are growing. Hour requirements include

  • 15.5 for Flowers
  • 16 for vegetables
  • 16.5 for salads
  • 17 for Herbs

Adjusting the clock timer can be done when you want the lights to come on is done through the touch button and scroll down or up. The best amount of light depends on the type of plant you are trying to grow.

Can you burn plants with LED lights?

If you are using other types of lights, such as incandescent, fluorescent or HID lights, some of these lights use bulbs that get quite hot. But fluorescents produce the least amount of heat. Care needs to be taken as bulb lights can cook your crops in a close compact high-density system. Even though the light is an essential factor in growing your herbs or other plants, it can also be the cause of some other issues. LED lights do produce some heat, but do not cause a problem which makes them convenient in smaller AeroGarden units. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the lights at the correct distance from the plants, for LED lights about 4-5 inches above the top of the plant.

Read the guidelines provided with your AeroGarden as each unit is different from each other. They have various sizes of LED bulbs that directs light downward, which can make a difference in how your plants grow.

When do I need to change the LED light? 

When your light indicator is blinking, it does not necessarily mean you have to change your lights until individual diodes start to fail. If your LED lights are flashing, then I would suggest contacting Amazon and arrange to have the unit replaced or request a refund if it is a recent purchase. Check your warranty for details.

How long do the LED Lights last?

According to the manufacturer’s information, you will need to replace the lights after six months. Still, many users of AeroGarden units believe this is not so, and have used them much longer. The suggestion is if the lights are still working and your machine says to replace them, this could mean that your lights could be set to bulb and not LED and that you can ignore the message and reset it to LED. 

LEDs have a longer lifespan, and you should only need to replace the whole light dome because you cannot replace the diodes individually.  Diodes have a lifespan of 2 to 4 years. Just press and release the Reset button to turn off the reminder. As more diodes begin to burn out, you will need to replace the whole dome. 

What colour LED lights are best for Seedlings and plants growth?

Lead lights of an AeroGarden in the on state
AeroGarden Harvest Elite LED Lights.
Photographer Yvonne Bray

LED lights are designed using diodes, to produce wavelengths of light. Grow lights have been tested by NASA to grow food in space for extraterrestrial colonisation. NASA’s finding showed plants are affected by red, green, and blue lights. That affects root formation, plant growth and flowering.

  • Red light between (630 t 660 nm) is ideal for the growth of plant stems, plant leaves, and regulates flowering, dormancy periods and seed germination. 
  • Blue light (400-520 nm) should be mixed with another spectrum to prevent stunt of growth in plants due to overexposure to light. Glow in the blue range also affects the chlorophyll content present in the plant as well as leaf thickness,
  • Green Light (500-600 nm) penetrates through thick upper growth and supports the leaves below. The green in the Harvest Elite is very pale and looks yellow
  • Far Red light (720-740 nm) can also pass through the thick upper canopy to support the growth of leaves located on the plants. Exposure to light reduces the time a plant needs to flower. Another benefit of far-red light tends to produce larger leaves when exposed to this light in the spectrum.

Where can I buy replacement LED lights for my AeroGarden?

When the grow lights have burned out where can I buy replacement LED lights for my unit?

It’s best to buy them from verified suppliers who carry the AeroGarden range or the manufacturers.

Amazon stock a wide range of alternative Grow lights

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As discussed, the LED Lights vary between different models, and the amount of light will vary for a range of plants. It’s essential to adjust the light hood as the plants grow so as not to burn the plants. Changing the Led lights will only need replacing when all the diodes burn out or after 3 to 4 years. The colour combination in LED lights is vital for the healthy growth of plants. However, suppose you are unsure about the grow lights that are attached to your unit. In that case, it’s probably best to contact the manufacturer to seek further advice because various models are different from each other.

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8 thoughts on “AeroGarden LED Lights Are Not That Easy To Buy Off The Shelf

  1. Janet says:

    Hi Yvonne. Thank you for sharing this informative post. I didn’t know that there are different colour LED lights for different purpose until read your article.

    I have some questions. Is LED lights the best for the plant among the rest? Is it expensive compare to other type of light? And also does it use up alot of electricity?

    • Yvonne says:

      Hello Janet, Thank you for your comment. The LED lights are the best for your AeroGarden plants, as they illuminate sunlight. I agree they can be expensive to replace I would look for any specials going on replacement costs. Does not use as much electricity as a normal bulb, it uses less. If you have any doubts or further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  2. Aparna Bansal says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    Since I am able to give my plants natural sunlight for about 2 hours or so during the day, should I also use LEDs? Or is sunlight for 2 hours or so enough?
    I think the plants are growing reasonably well, though they took a full 6 weeks to sprout. By that time, I was almost at my wit’s end!

    • Yvonne says:

      LED LIghts or grow lights do need to be on more than two hours. I have mine on from 6 am to 9 pm. they can grow very quickly if they have the perfect environment. I planted basil and picked the leaves yesterday to add to my chicken that I cooked in the oven. It filled the room with a romantic smell.

  3. Shawn Knesz says:

    Hello. I have the Harvest Elite. I would like to remove the LED lights altogether in order to use an aftermarket light. Can the light wires be disconnected? If not, how then do you go about replacing LEDs when they go bad? I’ve searched for the answer on-line, but to no avail. The Aerogarden websight doesn’t even offer a light replacement, so I’m thinking when lights finally go bad, you’re stuck with a unit without working lights??? Any insight? Thank you. SHAWN

    • Yvonne says:


      This is a comment left by Doug.
      You have to remove the light hood post from the old light hood. To do so, remove the four screws that attach the lights and clear plastic cover. This will give you access to socket that clips in the light post to the hood. There is a circular spring loaded plunger that hold the nipple inside the support post. With a small blade screw driver (I used a screw driver from my eyeglasses repair kit) retract the plunger/nipple while pulling up on the post. Out it comes.

      It is sad Aerogarden does not provide removal/installation instructions in the replacement hood box.

      Did you send AeroGarden an email? I do understand that the LED lights will eventually fail to work. They should last a couple of years.

      You can purchase replacement hoods for your AeroGarden. I hope this answers your question.

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