It’s All About The Hydroponic Growing Systems for Your Home

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Are you looking for an indoor hydroponic growing system that will not consume too much energy? Then we may have an ideal solution for your home in it’s all about the hydroponic growing systems for your home.

There is much different information on AeroGardens and Hydroponic Systems and which one is the best unit for your kitchen bench or home. The purpose of this article is to help you decide which growing system is best for your needs.

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Hydroponic Growing Systems for your Home

1Dr Goodrow Hydroponic growing systemDr Goodrow Hydroponic Growing System4.5 out of 5 Star rating
2Luxbird hydroponic growing systemLuxbird Hydroponic Growing System Indoor Herb Garden3 out of 5 star rating
3Avvikro Hydroponic Growing System 3 pods
Avvikro Hydroponic Growing System 3 Pods
Not rated in Amazon

Why You Should Get a Home Hydroponic Growing System

If you have ever tried to grow your herbs and vegetables indoors and had them grow unsuccessfully or have lived a short life then bringing, the garden indoors appeals to many of you, especially the herbs that provide a fresh green look to any kitchen or dining room.

Most standard hydroponic units have similar styles and designs. They have a wonderful sleek, slim and smooth design that blends in anywhere in your home. 

Furthermore, they come in a range of sizes from 3 pods to 24 or more and they are not heavy, small enough to have in your home and are portable. Growing your plants adds to pleasant surroundings.

What to Look for When Buying a Home Hydroponic Growing System

Everyone has different preferences on what is important or essential deciding on your ideal home hydroponic growing system, but I was. Still, I offer my opinion on the most important things that you need to consider and what you want to grow.

Size of family

When it comes to the number of mouths to feed, then the n of pods will determine which size you will need. 

Size of the growing system and Location

Before you go and purchase one of these lovely units, you need to check the size of the product dimensions then find, a suitable location or measure your kitchen bench or table.

What you want to Grow

We all love the idea of growing plants indoors all year round. Having plants in the kitchen at your fingertips to experiment with without having to venture outdoors or wondering what herbs we can grow is a wonderful way of connecting with nature. Well, you can grow herbs such as parsley, mint, basil, tarragon, rosemary and so many more. In addition, you could, try growing some spinach, Tomatoes, Greens for your salads, peppers or even strawberries.

Easy to set up and use

Your new home hydroponic growing system is easy to set up and start using. Skills are not necessary; all you need to do is follow the guidelines that come with the kit. All you need to do is fill the tube with water up to the marker, add our grow pots and watch the seeds germinate and grow.

Home Hydroponic Growing System Product Reviews

Here are the reviews of the home hydroponic growing systems.

Dr Goodrow Hydroponics Growing System (10Pods) (Best Overall)

Dr Goodrow Hydroponic growing system
The design, style and colour

What makes this for the home is the style, colour and smart timer that allows you to set for the lights to turn on or off. Your plants require at least 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness. The LED light has the right number of bulbs in red, white and blue to promote photosynthesis for your plants. 

Soil Free

Your plants will grow in a soil-free product such as Peat. Dr Goodrow design is similar to AeroGarden where is, which uses water and nutrients for the plants to grow. Also, it contains self-watering irrigation that circulates the water to provide the plant’s roots with oxygen and nutrients.

  • Style, design and colour
  • Ideal gift for all ages
  • Easy to use
  • Soil and sunlight not needed
  • LED light has 72 grow lights that simulate sunlight, red, white and blue
  • 30 Watts of electricity
  • 10 planter holes
  • Quiet 
  • Smart light timer
  • Adjustable arm on the light that extends upwards as the plants grow
  • Automatic water pump
  • Grow wonderful fresh herbs or vegetables indoors all year round
  • The power plug is not an Australian standard power plug. The Power plug that comes with the kit is a US Standard Plug. You will need to get a travel adapter or a 300w isolated Toroidal voltage converter. The Travel adaptor will not run for 16 hours but for 2.5 hours before it switches off. The Toroidal will allow the timer to run continuously. 
  • The adaptor that comes with the unit does not work or attach to the US 2 pin.
  • The kit does not include instructions
  • Water systems does not flow evenly around the plants
  • Small insects are attracted by the light

Luxbird Hydroponic Growing System Indoor Herb Garden

Luxbird hydroponic growing system

With the Luxbird you can grow herbs, indoors all year round. The Luxbird according to Amazon details can be used in the garden outdoors, and indoors.

The Multi-function touch control is so easy to use, all you have to do is press the Power button to turn on the unit. Select veg or flower. Finally, press the button to turn on the pump.

This unit hasn’t got the best star rating 3 out of 5 based on customer reviews.

What does the kit contain:
  • Grow light LED full spectrum
  • 3.5 L container to hold water
  • Water level
  • Nutrients
  • 12 sponges
  • 12 grow baskets
  • 12 domes
  • Adjustable telescopic arm to 21 inches
  • Water pump
  • LED lights Simulate sunlight
  • Easy to use panel that is a multi-function touch control
  • 12 plants can grow at any time
  • Has 2 growing modes: flower mode and vegetable mode to choose from
  • Product comes from China so delivery can take some time
  • EU Plug
  • No seeds included

Avvikro Hydroponic Growing System 3 Pods

Avvikro Hydroponic Growing System 3 pods

Avvikro is a 3 pod hydroponic growing unit that is ideal for your kitchen benchtop and comes in black.

It’s an ideal indoor garden unit for those who would love to experiment with growing plants such as herbs, flowers or veggies indoors. It’s a wonderful gift for the whole family and singles. Item has no star rating reviews at Amazon.

What does the Kit include:
  • LED Grow Lights
  • Automatic Timer
  • Adjustable height arm 9 to 12 inches
  • Nutrients
  • 3 grow baskets
  • 3 grow sponges
  • 3 grow domes
  • Easy to use
  • No soil
  • Fast growth
  • Strong healthy plants

No seeds were included due to import restrictions

Home Hydrophonic Growing System FAQ’s

FAQ 1 Where can I buy growth sponges from?


FAQ 2 Does Dr Goodrow Hydroponic growing system come with an Australian power plug?

Unfortunately, the answer is no because the power plug that comes in the box is a US standard plug. You will need to buy an adapter as mentioned in the cons.

FAQ 3 How do you replace the LED light when it goes out?

The LED light last 3 years are not replaceable for some products. So you need to contact the manufacturer. 

FAQ4 Some products do not include the seeds in the kits, why?

You will need to plant your own seeds.


And that’s the lot for today folks. My favourite is AeroGarden Harvest, 6 pods. However, I do like the look of the 10-pod kit brought out by Dr Goodwin, for its style, design and overall quality. The disappointing part of buying one of these products mentioned within this article is that they don’t come with seeds, unlike AeroGarden that has seeds inserted in the pods.

So, you would like to learn more about other indoor garden units click here

If you have any questions about this post’s content, please leave a comment below I would love to hear what you think about the products.

4 thoughts on “It’s All About The Hydroponic Growing Systems for Your Home

  1. Joseph William Stasaitis says:

    After reading your article I am considering getting a hydroponic system for our home. There are so many advantages of which I was not aware. Since we are in the process of moving to a new location, this would be a fantastic addition to our new abode. Thanks so much for sharing this valuable information.

    • Yvonne says:

      Hi Joseph, Moving to a new location can be exciting as well as tiring. I’m glad you are considering getting a hydroponic system for your home. It would make an ideal house warming present. All the best.

  2. John says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    This is a wonderful article. I have moved to a smaller block of land so have very little vegetable garden space outside. So I went looking for a good step by step guide to hydroponics.
    Can I ask a basic question because I am new to hydroponics? Can I set one of these up outside so I don’t need the lighting component? Or do these all work best with the artificial lighting units?

    I get plenty of sunshine where I live so am tossing up between a hydroponic solution or a vertical vegetable garden.

    • Yvonne says:

      Hi John the idea of AeroGardens is indoors. Mainly because of the extreme cold weather in some areas. During winter I grew herbs and they all grew really well except for two. Mint and thyme. One failed to sprout and the other died during growth. The unit is great for seed starter and with anything else you will need to gradually transfer to pots and garden them off.

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