Is Tap Water okay to use in my AeroGarden?

Many people ask this question, Is tap water okay to use in my AeroGarden? There is plenty of opinions on this subject. Some say you can, others say you shouldn’t, and AeroGarden does not recommend using tap water in their systems.

Let’s look at why it’s not possible to use tap water and why they recommend we use distilled water in the aerogarden.

Apparently, tap water affects plant growth, the advantages and disadvantages of using tap water, and how it works with AeroGarden’s plant food, which is made specifically for distilled water.

So how can we solve the water issue if you don’t live anywhere near a supermarket and have to rely on hard water.

Do people use ordinary tap water?

Some people will tell you they only use tap water regularly and they don’t seem to have a problem using it. However, I believe it greatly depends on where you live and the pH level in your water. Why you say, because water differs from place to place.

Distilled water can be quite expensive, which is probably one of the significant reasons people try using a cheaper alternative like tap water, rainwater, well water, or bore water.

Tap water contains extremely high minerals and is chemically treated in towns and cities. When the water dries hard, it forms a white crust in your AeroGarden’s receptacle base. This white calcium looking deposit is also known as limescale, and is harmful to your plant’s leaves and roots. Plants that are at a tender age can become damaged as a result from hard water, and they will die.

Do plants grow better with tap water or distilled water?

Tap water needs to be free of minerals, chemicals, and organisms that can affect your plant’s growth. Tap water is treated water and is intended for human consumption only and is therefore not suitable for your plants. Distilled water lacks mineral content, however some plants can tolerate unbalanced pH levels; other plants are more sensitive.

Advantages of using tap water in the AeroGarden

  • Some plants can tolerate tap water
  • Some people use City water
  • It can be loaded with minerals and be hard

Disadvantages of using tap water in the AeroGarden

  • Some plants are sensitive to tap water
  • Filters don’t correct the balance of tap water
  • Hard water can kill your plants, too much salt
  • Nutrients are challenging to mix in hard water
  • Contains fluoride, Chlorine

Liquid Plant Food

  • Liquid Nutrients have been perfected and can be used with tap water
  • Specially made for distilled water because it has been formulated to provide purified water with the correct nutrients for optimum growth
  • When nutrients are mixed in the water, it results in a correct pH balance

How to solve the problem

To solve the problem is as easy as making a phone call to your local council or the water board in your area to ask what type of water you have where you live. The water board will be able to help you and probably tell you the pH level and whether your water is hard water or not.

AeroGarden says the best thing to do is change the water to distilled water in your AeroGarden System and add the correct amount of nutrients. Alternatively, you could fill a container with tap water that has a wide opening and let it sit for 24 hours, this will allow Chlorine to dissipate.

What is the correct pH balance for my AeroGarden

Buy a pH testing kit and test your water. The correct pH level for your water is 5.5 to 5.9. The ideal level is 5.8.

Bottled water

Any bottled water that is low in minerals will do, for instance, Niagra bottled water.

Water Filters 

Brita is a good water filter that removes 60% of contaminants except PFOA (55%) and sucralose (49%). You could go all out and buy expensive water filters if yo have more than one AeroGarden System running.

As you now know, distilled water is the best water to use in your AeroGarden system. The main reason why the water is ideal is that impurities have been removed through a distillation process.

The distillation process involves:

  • Boiling water
  • Condensing the steam into a clean container
  • To remove contaminants and minerals, put the water through a filtration system 

Where to buy distilled water

  • Walmart
  • Woolworths
  • Coles

How to distil your water?

If you want to distil your water, you need to remember a lot of work involved in this process, as decribed above in the distillation process, and it greatly depends on how much you need per day to boil the water, test it and store it in recycled bottles. 

My final opinion

I live in an area where the water comes from underground and there is a lot of limestone in the area. Our bore water is very hard. If you’re not familiar with this type of water, it is pumped from underground from the water table. Bore water is challenging and leaves a white film on just about anything. We call it calcium build up, also known as limescale, it sets hard. To clean off this film, we use vinegar and soapy water to wash your AeroGarden unit.

There are many mixed feelings about water on the Internet about water, however, I believe it depends immensely on where you live and your water’s pH level and what you wish to grow that is suitable and doesn’t mind unbalanced pH levels.

Me personally, I use bottled water and home made distilled water in my AeroGarden. So far, I’ve not had a problem. Yes it’s expensive but I can recycle the plastic bottles once the water is cool enough to refill them.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my article. If you have any questions, or wish to share information on this topic, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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