How to Choose An Awesome AeroGarden For Your Kitchen

AeroGarden Harvest

You love gardening outdoors, and there are times when it’s not possible to grow veggies and plants in all seasons throughout the year. So, you’re thinking about purchasing your first AeroGarden to grow herbs on your kitchen bench. But you are not sure which system to choose because there are several types that you are interested in purchasing. 

You don’t know which one is ideal for your sized family, and you don’t want to waste money on buying the wrong size. And that is understandable. My article shows you how to choose an awesome AeroGarden for your kitchen, which will help guide you to work out which one is best for your home.

Best Brand

The best and well-known brand is AeroGarden, and you’ve heard about them from friends or family, and you have done some background research and found many mixed reviews about the products.

Evaluate Your Potential Product Before Purchase

The first step is to evaluate your household and the location of where your potential unit will go. For instance

  • Size of the household, how many are in the family
  • Check the size of the system to ensure it will not take up too much room on your kitchen bench. If you are looking to purchase the farm size, I suggest checking out the dimensions for floor space.
  • Check your budget
  • Think about what you would like to grow. You can grow herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, flowers and many other vegetables, except for root vegetables. If you choose the farm size, then you can raise a mixed variety.

AeroGarden variety

With so many potential Aerogardens to choose from, it’s best to select the size suitable for yourself or your family, kitchen bench space or floor. I have placed AeroGarden products into three categories: Small, medium and large.

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Small Size AeroGardens

The small-sized AeroGardens have three pods, such as the Sprout and they work like any other unit but with fewer pods. You will be able to grow 3 of your favourite plants, herbs or greens. Ideal for one or two people, they take up less room, suitable for small compact kitchens in a high raised housing complex. 

Medium size

AeroGarden Harvest or Bounty is an ideal sized indoor unit with six pods in which you can grow a range of plants, include a variety of seeds to choose from, and is perfect for small kitchen benches. It has LED lights that have coloured bulbs to provide a spectrum similar to the sun. However, one of the seeds that I purchased in the Gourmet Herb range failed to sprout. Ideal unit for four people in the family.

Large size

AeroGarden Farm is an excellent indoor garden for the home. They are ideal for larger families or if you want to grow a range of different plants such as herbs, veggies or flowers. With the Larger systems, you can grow 24 plants, with enough space to allow plants room to grow. 

The Good thing about AeroGarden

AeroGarden is a well-known, respected product with a genuine guarantee on its seeds that are also non-GMO. So what will your new unit include? Your new unit will contain all you need to get started.

  • Seeds, fertiliser, Light and pump, water receptacle, pods, and domes
  • Setting up your new AeroGarden will be easy, and your kit will contain the guide. All you need to do is follow the instructions that come with your kit
  • You will love the automatic controls that AeroGarden units have; it will remind you when to add water and add food, and you can even set a timer to tell the lights when to turn on and off.
  • The LED lights can be bright but are necessary for your seeds to sprout and grow. And the light pole is easy to adjust so that the lights don’t burn the plant’s leaves.
  • You will also like the idea of purchasing your seeds that have a Germination and growing guarantee attached. So, if seeds fail to sprout, all you have to do is notify AeroGarden themselves to send back the bad batch, and they will send you a new collection of seeds.


Depending on your budget, prices for AeroGardens range from $100 plus. You can also pick them up cheaper through specials, and it greatly depends on the size of the system you choose to purchase. As newer models arrive on the market, they will have upgraded technology and become more expensive.

Features of AeroGarden

Plant Pods

You will get plant pods in your starter kit, but if you want to purchase more, you can access either Amazon or eBay to purchase extra pods for your AeroGarden.

NON-GMO seeds

AeroGarden provides seeds that are guaranteed to be NON-GMO free. Any of the

seeds that fail to sprout, they will send you replacement seeds.

New smart control panels

The earlier models of AeroGarden didn’t have intelligent control panels. Today’s units are easier to manage because the controls let you know when to add water, food and have a timer for the lights.

LED Light

The Light has an extended arm that is adjustable to any height.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Guess what? AeroGardens now have Wi-Fi connections. With this type of App, you can manage your plants through your smartphone and control the AeroGarden units control panel. Imagine taking care of your plants at home while you work.


Plant growth

When you first insert your seedpods into your AeroGarden, you will start to see some changes occurring each day. When I planted my first seed pods, I took photos of each time I saw a change happening. You will see the images on my project. (Add a link to my project)


As the herbs began to grow, you can start using them in your favourite recipes. I used herbs like Basil on pizzas, dill in my scrambled eggs, and even ate them raw. They are so high in nutrition, and you can add them to your juice recipes.

As the herbs began to grow, you can start using them in your favourite recipes. I used herbs like Basil on pizzas, dill in my scrambled eggs, and even ate them raw. They are so high in nutrition, and you can add them to your juice recipes.


Like all plants, they are susceptible to those pesky little bugs at certain times of the year. The lights at certain times of the year attract flying bugs. They don’t last very long, and I found they soon disappeared when I turned off the LED lights at night. If the infestation becomes too much, I have a few suggestions noted in my pests and disease post.

Pros and Cons

I found the positives of AeroGarden to outweigh the negatives. 

What I like about AeroGardens

  • Good reputation
  • Compact size, ideal for kitchens
  • You will love the LCD 
  • Seed kits
  • Range of pods from 3 to 24
  • Plants grow much quicker than they do in the garden
  • Style is sleek, modern and shiny
  • Alerts to let you know when to add water and fertiliser
  • Ability to grow herbs, salad greens, tomatoes, flowers and more
  • A range of seed choices to choose from
  • Wi-Fi functions
  • Some units are compatible with Alexa
  • Pumps are much quieter
  • doesn’t cost a lot to run, they are becoming more energy efficient

What I don’t like about AeroGardens

  • LED Light can be very bright
  • Some seed pods I planted failed to grow
  • Some units can be pretty expensive
  • Some units don’t have a window so that you can see the water levels
  • Pumps tend to be noisier when water levels are low

In my opinion

I have found AeroGarden to be the best on the market for the price. I love how I can grow anything in my pods, and I can even transplant them to the garden once I have hardened them off in pots and transferred them to outside elements.

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8 thoughts on “How to Choose An Awesome AeroGarden For Your Kitchen

  1. Matt Lin says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    Thanks for the tips for choosing the right Aerogarden models. I am living in a tiny space, so I guess small sizes work for me. I love to have some green stuff in my place and cook with herbs that I grow myself. Aerogarden sounds like a good solution for me.


    • Yvonne says:

      Hi Matt, I’m so happy you find AeroGarden a solution for your herbs. My herbs lasted 6 months, and one of them, the parsley, I transplanted outside in the garden once the hot weather subsided. I went out there to check on the parsley as we have had some terrible weather in South Australia, and it is growing really well. I use parsley a lot in my cooking. My next goal is to grow Asian herbs.

  2. Schalk says:

    Yvonne, my dad absolutely loves gardening as he used to be a farmer, but after retiring he is now living in a town house with a lovely garden close to the beach.

    I am very curious to see what my dad would make of this. I will forward him this article and see what he thinks about the AeroGarden concept.

    Best wishes

    • Yvonne says:

      Hi Schalk. Thank you for your comment and for sending the link to your father. I’m sure he will love the idea of using an AeroGarden indoors. Let me know what if thinks.

  3. Muslimah says:

    Hey Yvonne,
    You have awesome ideas here on choosing the best AeroGarden.
    I like eating freshly plucked veggies, and AeroGarden seems like the solution I have been searching for all the while. However, I would prefer the medium size.
    Can I have the same model on my balcony instead of the kitchen?
    Thank you.

    • Yvonne says:

      Hello Muslimah, I’m glad you like the article on choosing an AeroGarden. You could have it on your balcony out of direct sunlight, and you must protect it from the outside elements. It will need to be attached to a PowerPoint for the pump to work. Thank you for asking this question.

  4. Matthew/Deloris says:

    Thank you for helping us make a purchasing decision and the right one with Aero garden. Looking to plant all season and need to find the right fit for us.
    By reading this article, we will make an informed decision on which Aero garden is best for us.
    How to take care of it will be east we have plants that grow all year round in our house so will not be a problem.

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