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If you’re new to Aero Gardening, then I hope that the list of books provided will encourage you to grow your own plants indoors. Enjoy eating healthier fresh foods, learning how to preserve them by dehydration method; saving your own heirloom seeds, original seeds from the plants that are guaranteed to be NON-GMO and storing them in a suitable environment.

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Guide To Aeroponics System: Building And Tips for Growing With AeroGarden: Kinds of Aeroponics Guide

Countertop Gardens: Easily Grow Kitchen Edibles Indoors For Year-Round Enjoyment

Countertop Gardens: Easily Grow Kitchen Edibles Indoors for Year-Round Enjoyment. Author: Shelley Levis. Publisher: Cool Springs Press.

Do you want to grow your favourite plants all year round? Well, it is possible! CounterTop Gardens is an ideal guide to various methods of growing your plants in small spaces, indoors using hydroponic systems.

Learning about and growing your own favourite indoor plants in the kitchen will bring enjoyment as well as the choices of which favourite plant you wish to grow in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Shelley Levis walks you through the challenges, benefits, and how-to of growing plants indoors using the various methods discussed in her book.

How about DIY? Imagine the fun of designing your own. Shelley will show you how to create your own soil-free and space-saving system and she includes more information on the pros and cons of hydroponics, aquaponic and vertical gardening units.

The Unofficial AeroGarden Bible

Everything you need to know about AeroGardens you will find in The Unofficial AeroGarden Bible. It includes information on growing plants, greens and even those pesky little bugs that creep into your unit. Included in the book are some tips and tricks.

Growing Aeroponically: Tips For Setting and Basic Skills In Growing With Water: AeroGarden Pruning.

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If you are an AeroGarden lover or would like to become one, I would love to hear your feedback on the systems, plants you have grown or issues you have faced and success stories.

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