Here’s A Quick Way To Solve Your AeroGarden Problems

As your plants start to grow, questions ofter pop up and need to be answered; then here’s a quick way to solve your AeroGarden problems. We will provide you with some tips and tricks to help keep your system and plants healthy.


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When you have inserted your new seed pods in your AeroGarden unit, you need to set your light hood/Grow lights to the lowest position, and ss your plants begin to grow, keep the grow lights about 4-6 inches above the plants.

If you have CFL Grow lights, you may need to replace them every 6 months for maximum growth and harvest.

LED Grow lights have a life span of three to five years.


As your plants continue to grow taller, you may have to start trimming back your tallest plants, so they don’t touch the grow lights. Pruning can be done while you are cooking one of your favourite recipes.

If you want to encourage a healthy harvest prune just above a new leaf set otherwise; plants will grow into each other’s space and block out their light. Trim the leaves back from the sides of the plant. Don’t be afraid to prune


When harvesting your plants, do it frequently and take no more than 1/3 of the plant at a time, remove the whole leaves by cutting the leaf base with scissors and shear or gently pinching off with your fingers.


You don’t have to wait for the additional water alert to keep the water level near the fill line; add water when it gets below the level.

Every month your plants will love to have fresh water and nutrients.

Seed Pods

When planting different types of seed pods together in one garden, you will need to prune from the top, so the light hood remains the lowest until all the plants are well established.

It is recommended that tomatoes and other plants are not mixed because they tend to spread out as they grow, and smaller plants may not get enough light and plant food to grow well with tomatoes.

The Pods may have come into contact with various lettuces, herbs, flowers, or salad greens. People with allergies to plant varieties should use caution.

Dead Leaves

Your plants may have some dead or brown leaves at the lower end of the plant. This is quite normal. All you need to do is remove them with scissors or pinch them off with your fingers.

Little Bugs

No matter how hard you try, little bugs have a way of finding an entry point into your home. They can enter on the back of your clothes and other plants. If you find some little bugs, turn the unit off and spray under the leaves with water or use your favourite organic pest spray if the pests persist.


Basil grows much more quickly than chives, parsley, and oregano so will need to be pruned more often to keep it 4-6 inches below the lights

Planting Tomatoes and Peppers

When planting tomatoes or peppers and reaching a height of 2 inches, check for additional plants at the base. Use your shears and gently snip the smallest plants at the base of the stem to leave one plant for each pod.

Tomatoes and Peppers will need a helping hand to start the pollination process once they flower. With the grow lights on, shake the plants gently from side to side. Other options include using a fan placed in front of your aerogarden, use a small paintbrush or toothbrush to release and spread the pollen from flower to flower.

Fruiting commences between 6 to 8 weeks. If they are slow to fruit, they may need fresh water and nutrients.

Plants can tend to produce lots of fruit and lean over. If this happens, you will need to support them with wooden skewers, chopsticks or even an AeroGarden Trellis System and hold with soft plant ties. Taking care not to damage the stems; if this does happen, it will produce more fruit after the plant has been pruned.


If growing flowers, once they reach about 2 inches tall, check each Seed Pod to see if there are any multiple plants. Again, as for the tomato plant, you will need to use scissors or shears to gently cut away the smallest plants at the stem’s base, leaving no more than 3 plants in each pod.

Remove any dead or wilted blooms often for continued flower production.

You will need to allow 3 weeks for your seeds to sprout and if you are growing flowers many of them are slow to germinate. . You will also need to keep your Grow Light Hood low until all plants are well established.


The roots of your plants will need to be trimmed back to 2cm above the waterline of the water reservoir; otherwise, the roots could grow into your pump and cause pump failure.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the tips and tricks, they can help you while using your AeroGarden.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s A Quick Way To Solve Your AeroGarden Problems

  1. Aparna Bansal says:

    I have a whole lot of wilting plants. What could be the reason, Yvonne? I have been giving them plenty of sunshine too. I did over-water them a little maybe.
    Will wait for your suggestions.
    – Aparna

    • Yvonne says:

      Wilting plants does not sound good. Have you had very hot weather. Lettuce does not like hot climate as such, it like cooler weather. I would look at mulching with hay. Water your plants well then add hay to help keep the moisture in. We have lots of daisies that flower in spring. As soon as the hot weather sets in the flowers tend to die. Now they will be chopped back to make ready for the next growth of leaves.

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