It’s All About The AeroGarden Bounty


Ever since the invention of AeroGardens, they have developed a successful range of benchtop indoor gardening systems for the kitchen. Not experienced in gardening? No problem at all! Are you looking to upgrade?  Is your current unit too small? The AeroGarden Bounty review is about an indoor gardening system ideal for anyone wanting to grow their favourite salad greens, herbs, tomatoes or peppers indoors, in water, without all the mess of soil! Prices vary between each AeroGarden unit and are primarily based on the number of pods. Pods range from 3 to 24.  AeroGarden Bounty is a smart Indoor hydroponic gardening unit that holds up to 9 plants.

Plants grow 5x Faster

Plants grow 5x faster in nutritional water than in soil and as high as 24 inches, making this unit ideal for taller vegetables. It’s a perfect size if you want to grow taller plants. Purchasing an AeroGarden unit is a personal preference; you either have success or no success at all with the unit. AeroGardens are expensive, and replacement costs can be quite costly. The Pros outweigh the cons of this unit; it lets you know when to add the nutrients and water by setting the timer and controlling the lights. 

What will you plant?

Will you be going to plant herbs? Basil is ready to harvest in 3 weeks. My unsuccessful herb has been Thyme. Mint and Parsley have been slow growers at first, then developing long thin strands. I also planted dill with excellent success, and yet I have read some reviews that say they had no success at all!

If lettuce is what you are looking to plant, these will be ready in about three weeks from growing.

I intend to give tomatoes a try; it will be an experiment growing them in the AeroGarden unit compared to growing them in the garden. I had no success growing them in the garden.

What’s in the box?

  • Sleek design, beautiful stainless steel bowl, 
  • Power adapter
  • Quick set up guide
  • bigger grow deck to allow plants more room to grow. 
  • Comes with a plant trellis.
  •  LED Light Hood that has 50 watts of white, red and blue LED lights, adjustable and dimmable
  • Nine pod seed Kit (choices are: gourmet herbs, heirloom salad, red heirloom cherry tomatoes, cascading petunias, kale, Jalapeno peppers, pizza herbs, mixed romaine, Italian herbs, and so much more.
  • Bottle of liquid plant food

The display feature is a small colour touch panel where you can adjust the time; it also shows you the water level, when you planted your seeds and how many days until you need to add nutrients. It will shine blue when connected.

The unit has several buttons:

AeroGarden Bounty Alexia with herbs growing under the LED light.
AeroGarden Bounty Alexia
  • Menu
  • Vacation mode
  • Quick plant guide built into the panel, you can select herbs, lettuce or tomatoes.
  • Garden tips
  • Light options, adjustments
  • Access clock
  • Wifi, Alexa enabled
  • Pump tester


  • Nine pods
  • LED Lights
  • 45 Wattage
  • Growing Height 24″ to 34 inches tall-adjusting the lamp arm
  • LCD touchscreen control panel
  • 17.25 W x 11.25 D x 15-34 inches high
  • One year warranty

Seed Pods

Just drop in the non-GMO pre-seeded pods and watch them grow. 9-Pod Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit contains:

  • Genovese Basil (x2), 
  • Thai Basil, 
  • Curly Parsley, 
  • Italian Parsley, 
  • Thyme, 
  • Chives 
  • Dill, 
  • Mint

Plants are nurtured by a specially formulated Miracle-Gro liquid plant food, enough for a full season of growth. Also includes a 6-inch tall trellis. Seeds are all-natural & non-GMO


  • Easy to assemble
  • Plants grow very quickly
  • Nine pods
  • No soil, no mess
  • Vacation control
  • Alerts you when low on water and plant food
  • Light control, dimmer
  • 45w LED grow light for full spectrum, optimal lighting
  • Ideal for taller plants
  • Large water bowl
  • Countertop
  • Full-colour touchscreen with water and plant food reminders
  • Infinite dimming grow lights
  • Sunrise to sunset lighting
  • Vacation mode for keeping plants thriving while you are away
  • Supports Wifi
  • Sends alerts to your phone
  • Saves control settings in case of power outages
  • Stay in control of the new features
  • 3 step water level indicator
  • Non-GMO seeds
  • Starter herb kit, seeds are guaranteed 100% germination


  • Very expensive
  • Alexa connectivity can fail on testing
  • LED lights attract insects indoors
  • Lights too bright
  • Can have issues modifying days planted
  • Lights attract tiny little bugs, but it’s not all the time


I have harvested my dill, Basil and Thai basil and then pruned the thick and healthy roots. It’s a good idea to prune the tops often but do not take more than one-third of growth from each plant.

Horrible little pests

Before I got my nine pods, I used a six pod Aero Garden Harvest Elite. So I know a little about irritating small bugs that enter the home, attracted by the light. The little pests are typical at certain times of the year and are annoying. I noticed it didn’t last long and was due to changes in the weather patterns. Coming out of winter, into spring, we had lots of lacewing flies that died and tiny little flying bugs. I was forever sweeping them off the outside walls and making sure they didn’t infest the plants in my AeroGarden too much. Sure, I could have used a spray, but I prefer to use water as I sprayed. I had to be careful not to get water onto the LED lights.

Where to buy your Aerogarden Bounty

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As your garden continues to grow, you will need to raise the lights. I love the herbs in my kitchen, and I found I use them more than I ever did when they grow in the garden.


I’ve never been successful at growing herbs, salad greens or tomatoes outdoors. There always appears to be something wrong with my techniques or the not so much green thumb. Since using my AeroGarden unit, I have tremendous success in the garden! My overall opinion is the AeroGarden Bounty is a fantastic unit for growing more crops indoors. When I tested out my new unit, I found two of my herbs sprouted on the 3rd day and the rest not long after. Dill, Basil, and Thai dill proliferated, whereas mint, Thyme and Parsley were much slower.

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If you are an AeroGarden lover or would like to become one, I would love to hear your feedback on the systems, plants you have grown or issues you have faced and success stories.


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6 thoughts on “It’s All About The AeroGarden Bounty

  1. Antarctic Adventures says:

    Oh, just the other day I was thinking to myself, that I needed some indoor plants. I just didn’t know where to start looking. I think a Aero  Garden might be perfect. And how neat, I don’t need sunlight to grown, it comes with a led light. I just hope my cat doesn’t try to eat it. 

    • admin says:

      Thank you for responding to my blog. I’m so happy you like the idea of the Aero Garden. I have the aero garden myself and I think its the bees knees.

  2. Age says:

    Just to be clear you’re telling me I could have that in my home to plant tomatoes or vegetables just like having a garden out doors? If that’s what you’re saying then it’s pretty amazing. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I could control everything I want about the plant. Again that’s amazing

    • admin says:

      Hello, Age, thank you for responding to my blog. Yes, you can plant tomatoes in an AeroGarden however if you have a six pod I would plant only three tomato pods so that they can spread a little. Also, some units provide a trellis. I myself use the light pole to support the tomato plant, and I normally keep it pruned. What I like about the new AeroGarden units is the ability to raise the light higher for taller plants, and the trellis is included.

    • Yvonne says:

      Hello Abdurrehman. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. AeroGardens are ideal for growing any kind of herbs, veggies or flowers indoors, especially during those cold winter days when you find it impossible to grow fresh produce. I grew herbs, transplanted them outdoors as they were getting too big for my aerogarden, and the parsley is still growing; however, it has flowered and is now going to seed as the weather where I live has become much warmer. As the weather cools, the parsley will grow again from the seed, where they have dropped in my veggie patch outside.

      So if you are looking at getting your seeds started indoors, AeroGarden is a great way to get them started for your spring growth. Bear in mind, not all veggies will grow in the AeroGarden, but it’s fun trying different seeds.

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