Aero Gardening is an excellent easy method that works for all!

6 Pod AeroGarden Harvest Elite

Aero Gardening is an excellent easy method that works for all, including people on a budget. During COVID 19, household purse strings have become much tighter, so much so that many of us have started thinking about how to stay healthy during the pandemic restrictions. 

Thousands of people live in large cities in apartments or confined small spaces that do not have access to gardens, making Aerogardens ideal for anyone living in built-up areas. 

AeroGardening is about using technology similar to a hydroponic system, an AeroGarden. It is simple to use and understand by everyone. 

You may be one of those who are having trouble getting down on their knees to do outdoor gardening. In that case, you will love the AeroGarden and what it can do to provide fresh salad greens, tomatoes, herbs and any other edible vegetables you love to grow for the table.

Did you know that produce grown in an AeroGarden system grows 5xfaster indoors in an AeroGarden than outdoors in your vegetable patch. Also, you will find your plants will be more highly nutritious for you.

Many of you will wonder what an AeroGarden is? How does it work indoors? Well, let’s get down to the basics.

What is an AeroGarden?

AeroGarden uses a hydroponic system for growing plants indoors on your kitchen countertop dirt free. The plants get their nutrients from soil and water. As your plants grow, the receptacle will need topping up with water and nutrients regularly.

Manufacturer: AeroGrow, International

Who is AeroGardening for?

Aero gardening is for everyone. Adults, seniors, disabled children and adults, schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, governments, businesses and organisations.

Various lettuce leaves of different colours
Lettuce leaves

How does the AeroGarden Work?

AeroGarden system, based on the hydroponic concept, uses a pump similar to a fish tank pump, which moves the water, nutrients, and oxygen around in the receptacle for the seedlings to grow.

Seedlings growing in an AeroGarden Harvest Elite, 6 pods
Seedlings growing in my AeroGarden Harvest

What’s in an AeroGarden

AeroGardens are pretty easy to set up and use. When you receive your new AeroGarden system, you will receive instructions on how to assemble your system. Your kit will contain:

Receptacle, pump, seed pods, grow lights, domes, power plug, LED Light and nutrients.

Seed Pods

Seed Pods, nutrients and domes.
AeroGarden Seed Pods and Nutrients

Seeds come already planted in the AeroGarden Seed Pods, which contains peat. These are inserted into your AeroGardens small holes. The number of seed pods you may have depended on which system you intend to buy. The number of pods ranges from 3 pods to 24 pods.

Water Pump

Your AeroGarden contains a pump that circulates water, oxygen, and nutrients for the plants. Plug it in and watch your seeds start to germinate. Your seeds grow 5x faster than they would if grown in the garden outside.

LED Grow Lights

LED grow Lights. White, Red and blue.
LED Grow Lights: white, red and blue

Led Grow lIghts act like sunshine. The colours in the LED lights are white, blue, and red so that photosynthesis can occur. Lights are automated; you just set the timer and forget. The lighting helps your plants grow five times quicker than they do outdoors.

Control Panel

When researching your AeroGarden, the control panel will depend on the type of unit you choose. You will find AeroGarden models come with various control panels and features. What the control panel does is remind you when to add water and nutrients. If you are wondering how much to add, the manual you receive with your unit will indicate how many nutrient levels to count.

How does the AeroGarden function?

The AeroGarden functions like a hydroponic system, plants grow in water and liquid fertiliser without soil under LED lights that act like sunlight. 

The root system absorbs the water and nutrients and produces a bumper crop.

The AeroGarden uses a pump, similar to a fish tank pump. While in operation, it will move water, oxygen and fertiliser around in the receptacle.

What can you grow in an AeroGarden?

Herbs growing in the AeroGarden Harvest Elite 6 pod.  Dill, Parsley, Basil, Thai Basil, & Mint
AeroGarden Harvest 360 with gourmet herbs

AeroGarden has a massive range of seed kits available for your units that you can grow all year. They include

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Snow Peas
  • Chilli peppers
  • A range of gourmet and international herbs such as : 
    • French
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Basil packs
  • Salad mix
  • Flowers

I have grown Gourmet herbs in my AeroGarden Harvest Elite 360 successfully for six months. 

Where is the best position for your AeroGarden in your home

Your AeroGarden can be placed anywhere in your home. 

  • In any room
  • Kitchen
  • Living areas

Note: the pump can make a small amount of noise like trickling water when the pump is operating. So, it’s best not to have it near the bedroom or in the room where you sleep.

When are container vegetables ready to harvest?

  • According to their official harvest schedule
  • According to what you see on the vine
  • Ongoing if plant allows for regrowth

Pros of AeroGardening

  • Less exhaustion inside and out of the heat
  • It does not require ground-level work!
  • To better their health, eating nutritious food
  • For stress relief
  • Like gardening 
  • Like having greenery around them
  • Grow tomatoes all year
  • Have herbs in the kitchen 
  • Don’t have a garden
  • Ideal for seniors, they can garden at bench height
  • Children love to learn how to grow their own food

Cons of AeroGardening

  • Takes up space on the kitchen bench
  • Expensive to buy an AeroGarden
  • Lights can be bright
  • The pump can be noisy for some people

How to get started with an AeroGarden of your own

  • Plan your space and decide on which AeroGarden system you want
  • Select which seeds or plants you want to grow
  • Preparation for the growing process with a schedule for watering and harvesting

In my Experience

My Aero Garden has proved that it is straightforward to use and can work for many, even those on a tight budget. Healthy alternatives it is never too late to grow your own produce.

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8 thoughts on “Aero Gardening is an excellent easy method that works for all!

    • Yvonne says:

      Hello Solomon
      Thank you for reading my post. Aerogardenng is new to many people who have never heard of AeroGarden products. The concept is based on hydroponics.

      The setup cost depends on the type of AeroGarden you choose for your needs.

      Cost varies between countries and AeroGarden often have coupon specials. However, AeroGarden does not ship to Australia.

      I purchased mine on eBay. I bought the AeroGarden Harvest Elite for US $203.

  1. Matt Lin says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    Thanks for introducing us to how easy and convenient that Aero Gardening is. It sounds perfect for people who are stuck at home but still want some fresh vegetables for cooking, and I believe it’s also good education for kids.

    Wow…paying $203 for the AeroGarden Harvest Elite. Do they offer cheaper models?


    • Yvonne says:

      Hi, Matt thank you for leaving a comment when you visited my post. I agree that 203 dollars sound like a lot of money; however, you can pick up the same models for less money. I bought mine on eBay for $100, and I was sceptical at first until it arrived by post. I needn’t have worried at all. It was a display one that I purchased, and it was in excellent condition.

      By using this product, I have grown herbs. Just imagine your kitchen smelling like a herb garden. Basil was the more prominent one for perfume.

  2. Femi says:

    Thank you Yvonne for this lovely article, I have always had an interest in knowing more about aero gardening and I’m glad I read this article. It’s definitely more convenient and less expensive In this era of technology I am glad we are incorporating this method when it comes to gardening. It’s not limited to anyone, it can be done from kids to adults, that’s how safe it is. It’s a healthy and space conscious method and if you are into gardening you should definitely give this a try when I get the chance to.

    • Yvonne says:

      Thank you, Femi. I agree with you the AeroGarden is for everyone, even people with disabilities. It’s a healthy alternative to growing salad greens in soil. Growing your edible plants in an aerogarden is more nutritious.

  3. Linda Cooper says:

    You visited a post of mine and left a comment having seen it via Twitter. When I saw your website was about Aero gardening I was intrigued because I hadn’t heard about it before
    I have heard of hydroponics, which is fascinating.
    I don’t think the cost is excessive as it will produce food and/or herbs for years to come. Nothing better than fresh herbs but for the amount you get if you buy them it can work out quite expensive if you use them alot. If you don’t have a garden it can an ideal way to grow them as well as veggies.
    Interesting post, thank you, I love learning about new things.

    • Yvonne says:

      Hello Linda, thank you for our leaving a comment on my post. AeroGarden is a form of hydroponics that was adapted for the kitchen. I love my unit, and I have grown herbs in it, which kept us supplied for more than six months. I did a test on transplanting the parsley to the veggie patch outside, and I checked on it yesterday, and it’s growing bigger.

      AeroGardens are very suited to apartment living, caravan living or anywhere that buying fresh herbs is difficult to obtain.

      There is nothing nicer than putting fresh basil etc., on a pizza or eating them fresh.

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