Growing Fresh Mint Plant Indoors in Your AeroGarden Smells Awesome

Growing Fresh Mint Plant indoors in your AeroGarden smells awesome and is an excellent solution to having Mint at your fingertips when preparing your favourite foods in the kitchen. But when it comes to identifying Mint, it’s so noticeable due to its strong smell when you brush past the herb or touch the leaves. Mint Read More

Mitsuba Three Leaf Japanese Parsley Is Full Of Flavour

Mitsuba is a plant known as Japanese Parsley. The meaning behind the name Mitsuba, the plant, has “three leaves”. It’s grown in Japan for its interesting shape leaves that are flavoursome. Product Description When you first see this plant, it looks similar to the flat-leaf parsley, beautiful green shaped leaves that look like the tops Read More

Shungiku, The Edible Herb, Is A Wonderful Ingredient In Asian Cooking

Shungiku the edible herb, is a wonderful ingredient in Asian cooking. Shungiku is also known as Garland Chrysanthemum in Australia. If you love cooking Asian cuisine, you will love adding this herb to your stir-fries, soups, or hot pots. Some cultivars have different leaf shape and various sizes. They grow best in soil that is Read More

Awesome Herbs for your AeroGarden

Since AeroGardens hit the retail market in 2008, there has been an increase in various herbs grown successfully indoors in one of these units. Aero gardening awesome herbs have never been so easy. Gardeners or Horticulturists say herbs grow best in sunlight, good drainage with regular watering, especially during dry weather. If you grow them Read More