Parsley From The Wild To The Garden

Parsley and its origin date back to the 3rd Century B.C. Since then it is found growing in gardens, in the wild, in hydroponics and AeroGardens. There are two types of Parsley, the flat or curly leaf. Its nutritional value makes it one of the best culinary and medicinal herbs. Parsley is found mentioned in tales Read More

So You Want To Grow Dill Indoors.

Dill the herb is a plant that is used today in cooking. Dill is mentioned in historical texts, myths and legends, and quoted as beneficial and full of vitamins, including medicinal uses and it can be stored for off-season use. So you want to grow dill indoors but did you know that dill is also Read More

How To Build Your Own AeroGarden Using Recycled Materials

Purchasing an AeroGarden can be expensive for many people especially those on a tight budget. But did you know you can make your own using recycled materials? How to build your own AeroGarden using recycled materials that we throw away, such as plastic containers, old sponges, soft drink bottles that we normally throw away. So, Read More

Basil King of the Herbs: Benefits and Use

Basil, king of the herbs: benefits and use of Basil are is also known as `herb of poverty’. Ocimum basilicum is the botanical name for Basil. Its roots are steeped in history, tradition and modern-day usage. It’s a sun-loving herb that grows well outside and indoors in your AeroGarden under LED lights that reflect artificial Read More

AeroGarden LED Lights Are Not That Easy To Buy Off The Shelf

Understanding LED Lights for AeroGardens when I first received my indoor AeroGardening system was relatively easy once I read the information leaflet that came with my AeroGarden Harvest Elite. I wanted to know more about how they work. But what I have learned is that Aerogarden LED lights are not that easy to buy off Read More